friends don’t let friends be lonely in Asia

so I’ve been in Singapore for nearly a month but it really feels like I’ve been here for much longer. I guess that’s because it’s so easy to work out how the city works and how to get around.

it’s kind of weird sometimes that I have this total new life and none of my friends or family back home really know what that exactly entails or looks like. you know, like where do I live, where is my office, what kind of food can you get at the supermarket, are Singaporeans really obsessed with queues… that kinda thang. so it’s pretty great that my bestie came to visit, with her step-dad in tow for extra funs. I mean, it’s hard not to feel loved when someone spends 10 hours on a shitty budget plane to come and see you.

given that I’ve only just started a new job I wasn’t able to take any week days off, BUT I did sneak out early every day (which really didn’t matter seeing as productivity was at an all time low knowing they were in town). the weekend was pretty much the BESTEST.

On Saturday we teamed up with a couple of excellent pals from Adelaide who happened to be in town and went to Singapore Zoo and then for dinner to Level 33 (delish food with even more delish views of the city). Singapore Zoo is pretty much all it’s cracked up to be. Apart from being a little too far out of town for my liking (still only about $20 in a cab because Singapore is TINY), it’s brilliant. It’s got this whole free-roaming, no enclosure thing going on, which means that monkeys literally swing on trees next to and above you. Mental. PLUS we got to feed giraffes and elephants, which was a total life highlight.

Sentosa Island is pretty hilarious – it’s this man made “playground” with all sorts of tacky fun activities. I hated and loved it all at the same time. I mean I obviously need to go back ASAP or before to swim with the dolphins, and I’m considering an annual pass for Universal Studios JUST to go on the Mummy ride.. over, and over again.

I’m already looking forward to my parents visiting in November, as it will give me an excuse to do all kinds of excellent tourist activities again. and also to eat my weight in bakkwa because I’m just being a good host, ok?


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One Response to friends don’t let friends be lonely in Asia

  1. Sarah says:

    dat bestie iz meee

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